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Squidoo is an online community that offers you the opportunity to write about what you are passionate about, what you believe in and so much more.  You write miniature blog/web pages that gives you the opportunity to donate money to your favorite charity and you can earn a little extra money for yourself.   Below is a list of our links. You will see a wide range of different topics so enjoy yourself and if you get the chance, we all have guest books and love to hear from our visitors.  If you are not a member of Squidoo but would like to join; you will be able to open an account from any of the pages you visit.  Why not earn a little extra money  to do something you enjoy doing, writing and sharing!! 


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Renderly Yours Store

Renderly yours 3D Store come inside we have renders you can use in your art, web design, and emails also scrapbooking items photoshop brushes and more.
Imagination is all you need. We have some great images to get your adventure started! be sure to check our freebies section for free downloads.

Hi I am Lisa I love photography and fantasy art I have always enjoyed drawing and art is something that has been the most consistant in my life .

I now use several programs on the computer including 3d, daz, bryce and photoshop I am learning somthing new all the time and having so much fun.
meet Lisa

Here at renderly yours Zazzle shop you will find my fantasy art I love fairies as well other fantasy humans, lands and creatures you will also find some of my
photgraphy of animals, land scapes and florals.


Hi, my name is Marta, and I’m the co-founder of Rewards4life Publishing and Distribution. I always loved to read, so creating this business is like a dream come true. I’m the editor of our books and ebooks, I also design the interior and covers. I also have a Squidoo account to help promote my products, and to write about other my passions which are creative art and photography. Recently I’ve opened my Zazzle Store as well, but I’m not an artist and I’m doing it just for fun =)

Sandyspider features a variety of vintage and modern photos and drawings. Designs include twisted humor, patriotic, fireworks, flowers, social networking, scenic landscaping, pop art, animals, holidays, just for babies and pets, food including chocolate (the staple of life) and more. Find your next set of stamps, postcards and invitations here.
Living in the snow belt of Wisconsin where the weather can be harsh, can warp the mind! That is why some of my designs look a little twisted. Send a message to sandy@sandyspider.com or sandyswebnetwork@gmail.com if you would like to see any of these designs on a product not shown. I will gladly make a custom made product just for you. All my products can be customized.
Sandyspider is mainly known on the internet with a few exceptions of other names like sandyspiderbite on Twitter. Find my website directory at Sandyspider.com 
These are also listed in the directiory:
Sandyspider Gifts on Zazzle Website    Drop me a line and maybe I will feature a product of yours.
Sandyspider Gifts Blog  Join my blog and have your products featured.

WhiteOak Art Designs at Zazzle

My husband and I have been doing art just about all of our lives. He has been involved with graphic art for over ten years and taught me how to use the programs about three years ago. Both of us love doing art to add to the beauty that already exist in the world. My true inspiration for all of the art that I do comes from the beauty that I have always seen in Nature.

We hope that you like our designs. We do sell originals of our artwork but we do not post them on line. The originals are professionally printed on a metallic paper that seems to bring the designs to life! They are blown up to 16 by 20 and usually displayed in Galleries and shows. Keep checking back because we are always adding to our collection. Always remember: “Life is filled with magick, if we open our eyes to see it!”

In the Zazzle Gallery, you will see some of my photography, my Fairy Art, my Angel Art, Dragonfly Designs and so much more.


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A’HA Oracle

My work is A’HA Oracle and Stepping-stone Mandalas (lots of images of these are available on my website). A’HA Oracle is a unique oracle deck with 77 beautiful cards (well, most of them are beautiful, and the others just needed to be included because of their important messages!) and a friendly little guidebook. Stepping-stone Mandalas are individual healing/meditation mandalas which are drawn specifically for a particular individual. My artworks are drawn intuitively… I sit in meditation and draw whatever Spirit offers me by way of symbols. I am often astonished when I look at the symbols that really do just seem to appear on the page, as they are often so perfect and relevant. J Creating A’HA was such a magical process that I feel truly blessed to have been part of it, and, when people receiving their personal mandalas exclaim about the relevance of the symbols that came through for them, I feel incredibly grateful for this gift.

Amethyst Cottage

Melissa, owner of Amethyst Cottage, has been making things with her hands for as long as she can remember, although many of those things were not fit for public consumption. These days you’ll find her mainly at her computer, where her family has become well-acquainted with the back of her head! She’s worked in many mediums including polymer clay, beads, fabric, fibers of all sorts, and more beads. Her current loves are her custom charms, knitting, and searching for new artists to introduce to the world.

The month of June is Amethyst Cottage’s 5th year anniversary and to celebrate they are having lots of specials.  To find out more, visit their blog at:  Amethyst Cottage Blog

Be sure to visit Amethyst Cottage, it has many different artians work displayed there.  You will find things such as: Bath and Body Care products, Housewares, Jewelry, Fiber Art and so much. 

Anniques Creations

Annique makes handmade Jewelry mostly from healing stones.  She also does Native American Crafts, Drums and Leatherwork.  If you would like something specially designed, please do not hesitate to contact her so you two can discuss in further details about what you are wanting. She also works with Turquoise.

Personal Recommendation:  I (WhiteOak) have personally received a pair of moonstone earrings from Anni, and when I received the earrings I was amazed with the quality of her work, but most important the energy of the earrings when I received them.  Anni puts a lot of healing energy in her craftsmanship and needless to say I love the earrings and will always cherish them.

Design by Day

Welcome to Design by Day. Actually I’m a nurse by day, but since Day is my last name, I thought I’d use it here as a play on words. I hope you’ll take some time and look around. I appreciate your visit. You’ll find a diverse and vast array of products here from Fabulous to Funny. I have products from photos I and my friends have taken as well as many vintage designs from my postcard collection and public domain sites. Scan the topics on the left and check out your interests.

Handmade Natural Soaps

WhiteOaks Herbals (formerly known as Herb Products by: WhiteOak) sells a wide range of Natural Handmade Bath & Body Products.  You will find items such Natural Handmade Soap, Milky Bath Fizzers, Hand Poured 100% Soy Candles, Moistening Body Glitter, Fizzing Bath Salts, Bulk Herbs, Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils (Phthalate-Free) and so much more.  As the herb inventory depletes it is being replaced with organically grown herbs.

WhiteOaks Herbals Handcrafted Natural soaps are made with ingredients that are chemical free and are safe for even sensitive skin.  The bases used for the soaps are Goat’s Milk, Shea Butter, Honey or Aloe & Olive Oil Soap Base and often a combination of a mixture.  The Oatmeal and Honey soap is made from an oatmeal base and acts as a light exfoliate.   The main ingredient in the soap base is coconut oil which is non-greasy and easily absorbs into the skin.  It is an excellent emollient that provides a smooth and silky feeling to your skin. Vitamin E Oil is used as a natural preservative and is considered a strong antioxidant.  Some of the soaps contain other ingredients such as raw honey because it has been found that it helps to destroy bacteria and is a natural antioxidant and high in Vitamin C.

Only 100% pure oils are used to add extra moisturizing effects such as:  Jojoba, Apricot Kernel, Almond, Hemp Seed, Avocado and Macadamia Nut.   To scent the soaps most are scented with Pure Essential Oils but there are a few that are scented with fragrance oils that are Phthalate-Free.

Infinity of Wellness

Infinity of Wellness creators Lynsi Eastburn and WhiteOak have worked in the wellness field for more than two decades. Together and individually they have helped thousands of people searching for balance of mind, body, and spirit; and they continue to do so through their highly honed skills in various modalities.  

They decided to take both of their passions and combined them into one creating “Infinity of Wellness Gift Sets”. Lynsi wrote and recorded a CD that will lead you through a beautiful guided meditation to your inner self, and I researched the aromatherapy properties of certain oils and created “Spa” products that you can use to help you relax. The essential oil blend I created is a combination of several different 100% essential oils and I created this executively for our “Infinity of Wellness” project.

You can read more about our creation at:  Infinity of Wellness Squidoo Lens

Ishvara Jewelry

We intuitively create and design one of a kind fashion jewelry. Each design, stone, pearl, and crystal slected is matched to our “Stone Truth” which describes the influential, balancing, energizing, and emotional, mental, and spiritual healing qualities found in each trendsetting style of jewelry that we hand craft. Every unique creation is infused with quantum high joy frequencies and life affirming messages during the creation process. Making every Ishvara Jewelry design completely inspiring to wear. It is our desire to “Illuminate” your…Inner Beauty…Your Life…and Spirit!

My store at zazzle has inspirations of mine and my daughters. I have my poetry on beautiful pictures. I have artwork my daughters drew. I have a lot of different inspirations there. I hope you will come by and check it out!

Woman to Woman-Encouraging our businesses together!

Encouraging Our Businesses Together!

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The reason I wanted to start this blog was to focus on women encouraging each other with their businesses.  It is no secret that women wear many different hats in their life.  A very high percent of women not only runs a household, takes care of their children but they also find time to manage a business. 

The World of the Internet is one of the biggest opportunities a woman has starting a business and running it because they are able to pursue their dreams in a timely manner that works best for them and their schedule.

A Little about Me

I have been working since I was thirteen years old.  I would work at my school under a school program, when I got off I would go to work at a place called A & W.  Up until about three years ago, I have always worked one, two and sometimes three jobs at once. I have been called a work-coholic because I spend so much of my time working.    I suppose I look at it as being very independent and working hard for everything I have.  I do have to be careful though, working from home is none stop for me and there are many times I have to MAKE myself STOP.

I am an Artist and have my artwork on several different art sites online.  Zazzle, FineArt, ImageKind and RedBubble are a few.  I do Graphic Arts and also Photography.  I write A LOT at a place called Squidoo and I write about a wide range of different things.  When autumn arrives, and Halloween is close, it is almost none stop writing SquidBOO lens which are my FAVORITE things because I get to write about spooky paranormal stuff.  I have two separate online businesses:  One is at eCrater and I sell a very wide range of items such as candles, oils, spiritual items, soaps, cauldron’s, smudge items, handmade Fairies and so much more.  My other business is just devoted to my Herbs.  I make Handmade Natural Soaps; sell about 75 different loose herbs, fragrance oils and essential oils. My plans are to write a blog for each different business I have.

I am on several Social Networks such as Twitter, FaceBook (which I also have a business page and storefront), Stumble, Digg, Tagfoot, RedGage, and so many others.

I really enjoy helping others promote their business, I enjoy encouraging them to pursue their dreams because in the whole process I believe in the end we are helping each other.  The Universe is a very large space and there is enough abundance for everyone.   It takes a lot of work, helping each other and believing in what we are doing.

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